Pictures of fish

Author – B. R. Dlusky

Paper, chrome printing

Size – 51×36 cm

Inventory No. 28 кв/41 мем, No. 29 кв/42 мем, No. 30 кв/ 43 мем, No. 31 кв/ 44 мем

The walls in the dining room are decorated with lithographies of fish found in the rivers of Halychyna. The author of the pictures is Boleslaw Roman Dlusky, Polish bibliographer, doctor and artist, who lived in Halychyna since 1873. On the commission of Maksymilian Novytskyi, Dlusky created an atlas of lithographies to illustrate his research work. Lithographies from the atlas could be bought as separate placards during the General Regional Exhibition in 1894. Taras Franko recollected that the writer often went to the exhibition and once brought those pictures, which he later put in frames and hung on the walls in all the rooms.

The museum collections contain 4 pictures, 2 of which are exhibited at the dining room.