Pocket watch

Face with Roman numbers

The watch is wound up with a key

The back side has the initials I.F. engraved on it.

Weight − 59 g

Silver 925

Inventory No. 281 кв/52 мем

Silver pocket watch by the Swiss company Cylindre, Huit Rubis series, late 19th century. The watch belonged to Ivan Franko. He exchanged it with Volodymyr Kobryn as a token of friendship.

Volodymyr Kobryn was a lawyer and Austria-Hungary Parliament MP. For the 40th anniversary of Ivan Franko's literary and public activities, he translated "Moses" into Polish. The book was published in 1914 with a print run of 1,500 copies. Volodymyr Kobryn gave all the copies to Ivan Franko. He also translated Fox Mykyta and "The Stonemasons" into Polish.

The watch was bought from Volodymyr Kobryn's grandson Petro in 1948.