Singer sewing machine

Metal, wood, decorated with a floral ornament

Inventory No. 7598 кв/443 мем

A sewing machine is among the exhibits at the Franko House, found in the female bedroom. The forged side parts reveal the Red S Girl TM, registered by Singer in 1880.

It is a treadle, with a beautiful lacey cast iron pedal and trademark cast iron Singer logo and forged legs. The black sleeve of the machine has traces of rubbed off Singer logo and a floral ornament. The table and the rectangular wooden case for the sewing machine are made of veneered PSL. The case is encrusted and has a brass figure handle. Singer sewing machines have become very popular because of their reliable design and improved mechanism.

The sewing machine and a roll of white linen were gifted to Olha Franko by friends.