"The Greatness of Writer" Exhibit Hall

More than 500 publications of Ivan Franko's works with a total print run of almost 15 million copies have been made in Ukraine. The hall presents publications of Ivan Franko's works of different periods, namely

a collection of works in 30 volumes (1924–1929), in 20 volumes (1950–1956) and in 50 volumes (1976–1986, 2001, 2008);

Franko studies monographs and papers, which look into life and creativity of Ivan Franko;

translations of Franko's works into different languages.

A separate theme of the hall is "Shot Franko Studies". Here you can find works by Ivan Franko, papers by Serhii Yefremov, Mykola Khvyliovyi, Mykola Voronyi, publications of Ukrayina and Vsesvit magazines, which were forbidden in Soviet times. Many of the Franko studies scholars of the time were arrested and shot to death.