Ivan Franko's drawn thread work shirt

Cloth, drawn thread work

Size 52

Inventory No. 1172 кв/61 мем

A unique and very valuable exhibit as it is the only preserved item of clothing that belonged to Ivan Franko. The shirt was made in Poltava technique of "white thread on white cloth", the buttons are also made in drawn thread technique. The sleeves are straight, the collar is low. The ornament of the shirt creates the effect of terrain with light changes, meaning that the direction of light changes the shape of the ornament.

The shirt was gifted to Franko by Kharkiv poet Khrystia Alchevska in 1913 for the 40th anniversary of his literary and social activities. In 1925 Anna Franko-Kliuchko, the writer's daughter, when visiting her mom in their home, found that shirt in the attic. In 1948, she took it to Canada, where she emigrated with her family, as memory about her father. When Anna first visited Soviet Ukraine as a foreign tourist in July of 1967, she gifted the shirt to the museum.