Women's Bedroom

This room was the bedroom of Olha Franko and daughter Anna. In her memoirs, Anna wrote: "Only my and my mother's bedroom was rich. There were furniture taken by my mother from Kyiv, several icones, rugs." Ivan Franko's wife came from the ancient Cossack family of Khoruzhynsky. She got education at Kharkiv Institute for Noble Maidens, studied at the Higher Women's Courses in Kyiv. She was fluent in French, German, English languages, has been a good pianist.

There are two iron beds under the walls, as well as Olha Franko's personal belongings: a chest of drawers, a "Zinger" sewing machine, given to her by friends, a small metal-framed mirror, and a dressing table. The women's room is decorated with paintings by Ivan Trush and a copy of Mykola Pymonenko's painting "Festive Divination" by the artist Horyn. This painting was presented to married couple of Frankiv on the day of their wedding by ethnographer Fedir Vovk. Below on the wall there are two photos from the family archive: Olha Khoruzhynska with her sister Antonina and Ivan Franko with his wife on their wedding day.