The Dining Room

The warmest room in I. Franko’s house was the dining room. Here, during long winter evenings, the whole family used to work: while the children were doing their homework, the father was writing, correcting and preparing for publication the next issue of the “Literary Scientific Herald”.

I. Franko’s wife used to serve food on the dining table. His daughter Anna recalls a copper samovar, which was warmed up every morning for breakfast. This samovar was brought by Ivan Franko from his trip to Odessa in 1909.

On the walls of the dining room, there are paintings of fish. I. Franko bought them at a regional exhibition that took place at the Lviv Stryis’kyi park in 1894. The writer liked fishing – many of his friends remembered this passion of his.

The room is decorated with the painting “The Hutsul Girls Near the Church” by the artist I. Trush. One can find here other Hutsul things that belonged to I. Franko. They remind us of I. Franko’s stay in the Hutsul region of Ukraine. Ivan Franko visited often Kolomyia, Kosiv, Kuty, Dovhopole, Kosmach. During summer periods in 1901–1914, I. Franko took his family to Kryvorivnia (except for 1905 and 1908), where they lived in the house of a Hutsul carver, Vasyl Yakybiuk. In Kryvorivnya I. Franko had meetings with V. Hnatiuk, H. Khotkevych, O. Kobylians’ka, Ye. Tymchenko, M. Hrushevs’kyi, F. Krasyts’kyi, I. Trush and M. Zhuk.