Silver wreath from the Sich Riflemen

Made in the shape of intertwined laurel leaves.

The inscription below says "To Ivan Franko from the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen. 31.V.1916"

Weight − 261.5 g

925 Silver

Inventory No. 78 кв/11 мем

The wreath was made for the funeral of Ivan Franko on 31 May 1916 on behalf of the Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, Ukrainian military formation within Austria-Hungary army. The legion fought during the WWI and then became the core of the Ukrainian Halychyna Army. Ivan Franko's son Petro was also one of the Sich Riflemen.

A delegation from the Sich Riflemen was present during the writer's funeral and accompanied the casket from Franko's home to the Lychakiv cemetery.

During Soviet times it was forbidden to mention Sich Riflemen so the funeral wreath was hidden in the museum archives for a long time.