Silver wreath from Sokil-Batko

Made in the shape of intertwined silver laurel leaves.

It has an inscription "To Hon. D-r [To Honourable Doctor] Ivan Franko. Sokil-Batko. 1873 − 7.ХІІ.1913"

Weight − 225.9 g

925 Silver

Inventory No. 79 кв/90 мем

The silver wreath gifted to Ivan Franko for the 40th anniversary of his literary and social activities by the Sokil-Batko sports society.

The anniversary of Ivan Franko's creative work was widely celebrated not only in Ukraine but around the world. One of the most active organizers of the festivities was Sokil-Batko society – Ukrainian patriotic sports and gymnastics organization aimed at patriotic upbringing of youth based on the principles of healthy life style and active demonstration of Ukrainian identity. The participants of the movement thought of Ivan Franko as of their spiritual and ideological leader. The society organized many events dedicated to Franko and established to give away one fifth of their income to an account specially created for the anniversary of the writer at Dnister insurance society. Under the supervision of one of the founders of the society Ivan Boberskyi, a solemn celebration was conducted on December 07, 1913, where Ivan Franko was invited. During that evening Sokil-Batko gave the writer the silver wreath.