"Publishing Activities of Ivan Franko" Exhibit Hall

The hall exhibits a wide variety of publications and publishing projects in which Ivan Franko was involved as editor or publisher. Hromadskyi Druh magazine, Dzvin and Molot almanachs, "Small Library" series, Svit and Zorya journals, Dilo newspaper, Zhytie i Slovo magazine.

Documents and pictures reflect the political and social work of Ivan Franko. They tell of reasons and consequences of the writer's political arrests (1877, 1880, 1889, 1892).

For ten years, Franko was co-editor of Polish-language newspaper Kurier Lwowski. One of the exhibits is a table at which he worked at the editorial house.

Among the important exhibits are editions of Franko's works published in his lifetime: poetry collection From the Heights and the Depths (1887, 1892), My Emerald (1898), Semper Tiro (1906), outstanding philosophical poem "Moses" and others.

The writer died on 28 May 1916 in Lviv. Two days later, several thousand people came to the Lychakiv cemetery to say goodbye. Numerous pictures show the poet's funeral.

Of particular value is the poet's death mask, which is kept under the class cap in the hall.