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Cost of services

Entrance ticket price


100 UAH

Students of secondary schools, lyceums and gymnasiums

50 UAH

Students of universities, academies, technical schools, colleges

50 UAH


50 UAH

Family ticket (2 adults with children)

200 UAH

Guided tours

groups of up to 5 people


200 UAH

group of 6 and more people

50 UAH per person

Special tours

Thematical (author's) tours

“Franko House Scents”, “Touch the Truth”

100 UAH per person

Theatrical tours

“Visiting the Franko Family”, “Franko’s Children about Their Father”, “Mother and Daughter. Untold Story”, “Fox Mykyta in Franko House”

100 UAH per person

Walking tours

“A Walk around Franko Streets in Lviv”, “There Is a Path in the Park…”, “Remembering Franko at the Lychakiv Cemetery”

200 UAH per person

"Ghosts House"

Exclusive Tour by the Director of the Museum Bohdan Tykholoz

300 UAH per person

Interactive tours

“Quest Franko House Secrets”, “Quizz All on Earth about Franko, Game Tour Search in the Villa”, “Game Fairytale World of Ivan Franko”

100 UAH per person

Online 3D-tour "Virtual Visit to the Franko House"

50 UAH per person

Tours in foreign languages

English, Polish

100 UAH per person

The entrance to the exhibitions

On the opening day


All the other days

50 UAH

Open days

Free entrance for all visitors

May 18

International Museum Day

May 28

Ivan Franko’s Remembrance Day

August 27

Ivan Franko’s Birthday

Thematic lectures


For students of secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, high schools (universities, institutes, academies, technical schools, colleges)

50 UAH per person


50 UAH per person


100 UAH per person

Photos and videos inside and outside the Museum


1st hour — 300 UAH

Each next hour

200 UAH

Master classes

Within the price of the entrance ticket + materials for the master class, the price is set by the class organizer

Free entrance to the museum

On presenting the documents that certify belonging to the specified category of visitors

  • preschool children;
  • children from large families, orphans and children deprived of parental care including children from orphanages, boarding schools, children with disabilities;
  • family members of a deceased combatant of the Russian-Ukrainian war, ATO/JFO;
  • persons with disabilities of group I;
  • combatants, particularly of the Russian-Ukrainian war, ATO/JFO;
  • family members of a deceased combatant of the Russian-Ukrainian war, ATO/JFO;
  • conscripted military personnel of private, sergeant, and senior ranks;
  • participants of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident cleanup;
  • people with the status of an injured participant of the Revolution of Dignity;
  • heroes of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian museums employees
  • ICOM (International Council of Museums) members.

We are waiting for you
at the Franko House

Museum is open10AM to 5PM.

The memorial exhibition is open every day except Tuesday.

вул. Ivan Franko St. 150-152,
м. Lviv 79011, Ukraine.

Phone number
+38(096)15-84-606 (from 10:00 to 17:00)