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Museum spaces

The museum complex consists of two buildings:

Ivan Franko’s villa – the memorial museum – with the total area of 323,1 m 2 ; Today it is a memorial museum that recreates the life of the Franko family in the first half of the twentieth century.

Muse House – Antoniy Uvyera’s villa. Here, the exposition and exhibition halls, as well as administration and researchers’ rooms are situated, with a total area of 866,3 m 2 . Today it is a multifunctional space for events and activities. It houses exposition and exhibition halls, as well as the workspace of the Museum’s team.

The exhibition halls have natural and artificial lighting, which can be directed accordingly to emphasize the artistic nuances of the works presented. The halls have both natural and artifical lighting, that can be appropriately directed and so highlight the exhibits in the best way. The halls, if needed, may be equipped with showcases or pedestals (for sculptures or ceramics).

One of the exposition halls leads to the terrace, situated in the garden with a famous magnolia tree, a favourite photo session spot.

The exposition halls present artistic and photography exhibitions, works of folk art; the halls also host literary evenings, presentations, meeting with prominent people, philosophical and scholarly disputes, and they are wonderful premises for chamber concerts or theatrical performances, too.

During the war, the exhibition halls on the ground floor serve as a shelter in case of air alarms.

Lawn "Under the pear tree"

Next to the memorial villa, behind Franko’s pear tree, there is a picturesque place, which is a cosy outdoor site for holding public events, presentations, and various meetings in the Franko House.

It is a comfortable and aesthetic leisure zone with a summer scene for the creative musical and theatrical groups’ performances, movie and cartoon sessions; an innovative space for creativity and growth: master classes, interactive tours and sessions for preschool and school children; public lectures and open classes, or meetings with famous people and literary evenings.

This attractive space is also available for the events held by other public organizations of Lviv and region.

This multifunctional, modern eco-space definitely makes the Museum better, giving Lviv citizens and city guests more possibilities for active leisure time spending.

Muse Garden

Part of the outdoor space of the museum complex is a cozy green corner next to the Uviera Palace. Located on the green Sofiyivka, the Franko Museum has not just a hospitality zone on its premises, but a whole modern artistic space for creativity and communication – the Muse Garden, which unites examples of the modern sculpture with the specific historically-architectural complex of the Franko’s memorial villa and the Uvyera’s palace (the house with the exhibition expositions), and the natural landscape.

Thanks to active and continuous cooperation with Lviv leading sculpture masters, as well as experts in the sphere of architecture, landscape and light design, the Museum has its premises organized as an expositional, educational and creative space.

The Franko House as a place of power and dialogue is an especially favorable location for modern artistic practices integration, particularly in the sphere of sculpture and literature, as well as culturally-educational needs of the city community.