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The Franko House is full of multifaceted life: philosophical discussions, meetings with famous contemporaries, scholars, public figures, and artists. The Museum’s halls become an open space for current artistic initiatives, a platform for social and intercultural dialogue or exchange of valuable practical experience in a variety of professional (and other) fields. Thematically, these events are united into scientific, educational, and cultural programs that the museum staff has been working on for a long time.

FRANKO AT HOME. Tea(ch) with the classic

Informative and educational video blog where experts tell interesting stories about the writer, his family and everyday life, his relations with prominent people of that time, significant museum exhibits etc.

FRANKO (NOT) AT HOME Travel with the classic

Special travel series within Frankomandry+ project. This is a cycle of stories about Franko the traveler, routes of his journeys and places they ran through.

FRANKO AT WAR. Win with the classic

This special edition is a continuation of previous projects Franko at home. Tea(ch) with the classic and Franko (not) at home. Travel with the classic, that started with the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

My Franko

Each Ukrainian sooner or later meets the figure of Ivan Franko. For some, he will only be remembered as a street name of one’s hometown, while for others his half- forgotten name will be left in a school textbook; still, others will perceive him as a prominent figure of long past times. However, there are people, for whom this meeting becomes a start of a long dialogue with a great live person – partially a teacher and partially a friend – this dialogue is not always an easy one, but invariably fascinating. Exactly these people are the main characters of a series of meetings titled My Franko at the Franko House.

The series curator is Bohdan Tykholoz


In his poem Semper tiro (Always a student) Ivan Franko writes about a modest skilfulness that is always open to learning and self-improvement. An open series of lectures Semper tiro at the Franko House is a platform for a valuable experience exchange in various professional (and not only) spheres.

If you are passionate about your work, and this passion helped you master understanding and skills you would like to share to make the world a better place, you may become our next lecturer in Semper tiro series. As a shared love and a great example have always been the best teachers.


In 2016, the Oxford dictionary named the word post-truth to be the term of the year. This term aptly reflects the times we are currently living in. The times where the information overload, its manipulating and the conception of multiplicity of truths all lead to the manipulation in different aspects of human life, creating a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. Does it mean that eternal values like love, faith, courage, freedom etc fade into oblivion, or vice versa – that humanity is going to rediscover them?

My Emerald is a collection of poems by Ivan Franko, where he, using poetic language, wished to present a modern reader with a range of parables, short stories and reflexions, that would be weaven into an organic whole by a common spectrum of moral sense. The poet defined his highest wish: “So that my word was clear and so that it reflected, like a mirror, a human, sincerely human face”. A series of meetings under the title My Emerald: conversations about eternal values in the era of the post- truth is aimed at encouraging its participants to contemplate on the meaning of eternal values in the modern world. Let’s try to peak into the Emerald together and look for the answer to our time’s challenges.

Curator – Ihor Medvid


Traditionally, every spring, the Franko House invites Lviv citizens and city guests for a cup of fragrant coffee and a piece of tasty cake or cheesecake with a light, but still deep philosophical conversation. Known for their high intelligence and genuine love to their native city, Lviv gents and ladies visit another, similarly well-known and in love with the city, Lviv citizen Ivan Franko, to share their thoughts on “tasty”, albeit not only sweet topics, in a friendly atmosphere.


Every conversation from the series Intellectual Biography is a carefree journey around the map of cultural spaces, people and ideas, important for the hero’s of heroine’s personal intellectual story. The heroes here include philologists, culturologists, historians, and simultaneously researchers, writers or artists, – students who became teachers, overcoming their way.

The methodological basis for the creation of the Intellectual Biography map and, hence, the plot of the conversation itself, is a triad Anthropos – Topos – Tropos (People – Places – Ideas), which focuses our attention on priceless experience of communicating with others, places that provide space for the intellectucal growth, and ideas making it work.

In May, 2020, the program Intellectual Biography was awarded by Lviv City Council in the nomination “Educational Activity” as part of awarding the best museum employees in Lviv.

Curators – Viktor Martyniuk and Danylo Ilnytskyi


If the Poet’s Home were a place, it would be a place where you could come like home, where you could return and never leave. If poetry were a conversation, it would be a conversation with someone within yourself, or someone bigger than yourself, or someone other than yourself. Let’s imagine this Home, with its numerous rooms and sounds of live voices, as if not directed to us.

Curator – Viktor Martyniuk


Although the museum is the Muse House, the music itself does not sound here too often. And when it does, it sounds in a special way, particularly in the museum that is a house not only for muses, but for the family, too. Such place, on the one hand, frees the music from academic frames, and on the other, it does not dull listening with an entertaining rush. Concerts in a place like this remind of home concerts from old times – not too loud and not too stiff, but still, not deprived of the intellectual note, when there is just one step from doing music to starting a friendly conversation.

Curator – Viktor Martyniuk


Ukraine, as well as the whole world, witnesses the tendency of growing role of the non-formal education. The Franko House tries, too, to develop this direction, specifically through running summer schools. A summer school is a short but intensive educational course, that helps get new knowledge, skills and acquaintances through a deeper immersion into the school’s topic and a wide range of various events.

For several years in a row, the Franko House has been running summer schools for children. In 2018, the museum organized a summer school on Franko studies for pupils of 9-11 grades; in 2019, a summer school of museum leaders A Teenager in the Museum was organized for pupils of 6-8 grades; thus, in 2020, School of Cultural Management “Franko House – a Museum of Live Ideas” for teenagers was organized.

The aim of the summer schools was getting pupils acquainted with the life and work of Ivan Franko, as well as modern tendencies in the museums’ activity, with the help of an interesting educational course that included lectures, readings and seminars, intellectual games, master classes, workshops, meetings etc.

Curator – Ihor Medvid