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Franko House at present

Nowadays, there is still a stereotype that has been there since the beginning of time – that a museum is a place where time stands still and don’t you dare touch anything, while the museum employees are the guardians of preserved memory. All of this describes neither the Franko House nor its team. The ancient, more than a hundred-year-old villa houses a very much live modern open cultural space, as manyfolded and relevant as our Patron. As nowadays it is not simply a Museum but also Muse House, Science House, Dialogue House, Family House.

Muse House

The Franko House is a venue for manyfolded art life events like literary evenings, theatrical performances, classical and modern music concerts, various art exhibitions and performances. Modern spaces of the Museum, that serve as remarkable exhibition halls or outdoor locations, happily host talents of different types and generations, reminding their guests about half-forgotten classics and discovering new names. Because the Franko House is always open for the up-to-date art initiatives.

Science House

The Franko House is a center of Franko and museum studies, where the life, era and creative legacy of Ivan Franko are studied, and such treasures as the Museum collection and the others are researched and popularized. It is the place where the scholarly thought is always alive, where the tedious work on ancient dusted artefacts is valued, where the scent of an old book or a leaflet is enjoyed.

The Museum hosts scholarly workshops, lectures, conferences, discussions, new publications presentations etc. These types of events can be held in a specially arranged conference room with a multimedia equipment, or, remembering the testaments of the ancient philosophers, they can be organized as an outdoor symposium on a lawn Under the pear tree.

Dialogue House

Ivan Franko admired a nice conversation with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or just on a good occasion. His house was always open for various intellectuals and interesting interlocutors. Cherishing these traditions of the Franko’s house, today, the Museum stays open for a public social and intercultural dialogue. Various discussions, meetings, friendly conversations on philosophical, scholarly or literary-artistic topics are held here. If the weather allows, the events take place outdoors at the arranged locations: in a cosy Muse Garden or on a lawn Under the pear tree. Together, we overcome the barriers and find points of contact. Therefore, when “the extremes meet”, the Franko House becomes the place for a fair debate and search for understanding.

Family House

Though you will constantly hear here that you are now in Franko’s House and visit Franko, make no mistake–this house was indeed the house of the whole Franko family. At present, we cherish their traditions not only in our stories about the Franko couple, their children and descendants, but also in the unique family atmosphere, present here. The Franko House opens its doors to all generations. Here, you will visit master classes, thematic interactive classes for schoolchildren, tours-lectures for students, events for families with children and “third age” family members, inclusive tours and events for people with various levels of disability. The museum space is also pet-friendly.
The Franko House is a cozy, homestyle, Franko-style place!