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Franko House Staff

Home is a place where we love to return. A cosy, atmospheric, unforgettable place – this is what we try to create in our mutual home – the Franko House.

Museum staff consists of people who create this House’s atmosphere, of those who work here and make this place better.

Structurally, the Museum consists of administration, main collection department, library department of main collection, scholarly-exhibition and scholarly-educational departments, accounting and household part.

Our visitors meet some of them during the tours or events. The work of the others is hidden from our guests’ eyes. But without them, the Franko House would be a different place.

Let us introduce you the Franko House staff – sincere, devoted, talented, enthusiastic about their work, dreamy… and different.

The way they were caught by the camera of Anastasiya Khlibnyk, who is a talented photographer and a friend of the Franko House.

Museum administration

Bohdan Tykholoz


Ihor Medvid

Deputy Director for scholarly work

Liubomyr Bilio

Deputy Director for development

Vyacheslav Vorko

Deputy Director for the household work

Anastasiya Kovalyshyn

acting о. Scholarly Secretary

Nadiya Dorosh

HR specialist

Main collection department

The main collection department works on replenishment, preservation and processing of the museum main collection and the scholarly-support collection. The department includes a restoration sector that is responsible for the restoration of items within the museum collection.

Viktor Martyniuk

Chief Custodian of the museum collection

Olha Hlibovytska

Senior Researcher

Vira Bron

Senior Researcher

Viola Cherniyenko

Senior Researcher

Vira Kazanovska

Senior Researcher

Ruslan Bondar

acting Head of the restoration sector

Mykhailo Beniakh

Researcher, Restorer

Library department of the main collection

The library department of main collection preserves, replenishes, and processes the book collection of the Musem, including books and periodicals published from Franko’s time to the present.

Solomiya Vivchar

Head of the library department

Alla Kotsur

Senior Researcher

Bohdana Melykh


Diana Horban

Junior Researcher

Scholarly-exhibition department

The scholarly-exhibition department creates and updates the memorial exhibition of the Museum, as well as provides exhibition activities. The department includes an exhibition sector responsible for the exhibition and display design.

Marta Voloshanska

Head of the scholarly-exhibition department

Hanna Mahola

Chief Custodian of the museum halls

Vira Zinko

Custodian of the museum halls

Zhanna Hvozdovych

Custodian of the museum halls

Oleksandr Pushenko

Head of the exhibition sector

Oleksandr Dvorskyi

Main Painter

Scholarly-educational department

The scholarly-educational department develops, implements, and provides guided tours and creates educational and cultural programs for visitors of different ages and interests.

Zoriana Drozda

Head of the scholarly-educational department

Khrystyna Rykmas


Hanna Hoshko


Kyrylo Ivliev

Junior Researcher

Iryna Voloshchak

Junior Researcher


Olena Havrenko

Chief Accountant

Iryna Haidar

Leading Specialist