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Excursion menu

Since the Museum opening day, back in 1940, it has always been a great pleasure for the employees to host visitors in the Franko House. The times are changing, and it becomes harder to meet the needs of a picky visitor, but not for us! The Museum team works day and night, making sure that each of you feels extraordinary fascinating emotions on your every return to the Franko House!

We present to you our refreshed and extended tour menu!

Visiting the Franko family

Franko’s children about their father (In Ukrainian)

Franko’s children about their father (in English)

Mother and daughter. Untold story.

Fox Mykyta in Franko House

Franko House Scents

Touch the truth

Ghosts House — exclusive tour by the director of the museum Bohdan Tykholoz

Quest “Franko House secrets”

Quizz “All on the Earth about Franko”

A walk around Franko streets in Lviv

“There is a path in the park…”

Remembering Franko at the Lychakiv cemetery

Lectures on request

“Who will listen to an ignorant word?” The Franko House is the House of education and science, and Franko is known for his versatility, thus the museum team will help you discover various talents of our patron. We offer to you quite a choice of interesting, popular and specialized lectures on Ivan Franko’s life, work, scholarly, editorial and political activity.

Here is a list of available thematical content of the lectures:

  • All you wanted to know about Franko and more (biography details of Ivan Franko and his family, his everyday life and passions etc)
  • Ivan Franko and others (about Franko’s relations with prominent Ukrainians of that time, about friendship among families and conflicts with contemporaries)
  • Ivan Franko in literature and art (lectures dedicated to Franko’s works, which are a part of secondary and high school programs)
  • Ivan Franko beyond literature (about Franko’s worldview, his political views etc)

Museum researchers will also help you with preparations for open lessons, lectures or seminars, round table discussions etc. Visit the Franko House for a friendly scholarly conversation!

Rules and additional information

  • All specialized tours are available solely by prior order.
  • Due to periodic price increases, the tour price may differ from the one specified in the booklet.
  • The entrance ticket price is not included into the tour price. To avoid misunderstandings, please specify the price while placing your order.

What do you say? Are you ready to make your choice?

We will not make you wait! Unforgettable emotions will be there in just 10 minutes, and our team will do everything possible for you to come back!

Franko House is not only about Franko, as not only Muses loved the writer — at his time he was also keen on various art forms. Nowadays, the Franko House is full of the artistic life. Exhibition halls of the Museum constantly witness presentations of the works of outstanding Ukrainian painters, sculptors, performers, as well as concerts and performances of both known artists and young beginners. You can also unfold your own talent on various master classes.

Follow the announcements of the Franko House in social networks, as we offer atractions to every taste!

Additionally, our museum premises (the conference room, the exhibition halls, outdoor locations Fox Mykyta’s Lawn and Muse Garden are open for cultural, art and private events. Be certain to trust the Franko House with your important events (we can provide you with the equipment and furniture). For a detailed information and booking, please contact us by work phone numbers.