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Fox Mykyta in Franko House

We would like to break the stereotype about museums, that is why we invite you to the Franko House for an unforgettable fun with the main character of a well-known poem-fairytale by Ivan Franko, Fox Mykyta. Indeed, it is the same curious and unstoppable Fox you will never get bored with. Under his guidance, children will get to know the Franko family’s house and the villa’s dwellers’ life. It was always funny and noisy here, as small Frankos: Andriy, Taras, Petro and Hannusia frequently created interesting plays and mischiefs, leaving nobody sad. Let’s fill the Franko House with a sonorous children’s laughter together once again! Believe us, it will be easy, as Fox Mykyta is a well-known expert on fairytales and adventures!

The tour is designed in a form of a game with quest elements, so as every child could find something interesting for them.

Duration: 45-60 min.
Age: 5-10 years
Price: 100 UAH per person (5 people or more)