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Rules of stay at the Franko House

Dear friends, welcome to the Franko House!

We value the fact you choose the museum as a form of pleasant and interesting leisure time spending. It has been over 120 years already that the Franko House preserves its special atmosphere of a family coziness, that our whole team cherishes not less than the memorial items. We often have heated discussions here, loud ovation or fiery laughter are not rare guests in the museum, as the Franko House is full of life. But, plunging into a vortex of emotions, please keep in mind our ethical rules — those that we follow anyway, when visiting someone. These rules are simple, obvious, and focused on our mutual safety, comfort, and pleasant impressions. We are sure it will be easy for you to follow our rules and they will not hinder your pleasant rest.

Thus, we kindly ask you to follow the rules:

  • The museum entrance closes, and the ticket sale stops half an hour before the closing hour.
  • The museum may temporarily alter working hours of specific exhibitions, expositions, or museum halls, as well as limit the visitors’ entrance for some time in case of holding public events or emergency situations. Keep in mind we take these measures for your safety and comfort. Keep in mind we take these measures for your safety and comfort.
  • Do not touch the exhibits, frames, safety glass, bases and stands for exhibits, labels, and other objects.
  • Amateur photo and video inside and outside the museum are FREE on condition of PURCHASING THE ENTRANCE TICKET and following the Museum Visiting Rules. In the memorial villa, photos and videos are allowed strictly WITHOUT FLASH and exceptionally with the aim of private non-commercial use of photo and video materials. For more information on photo and video on the Museum’s territory, please follow the link.
  • Don’t enter the Museum under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Don’t smoke on the territory of the Museum.
  • Don’t bring weapons of any kind.
  • Don’t bring or consume food or beverages in the exposition halls.
  • Don’t bring any excessively large objects to the exposition and exhibition museum halls, like large bags, bulky backpacks or umbrellas. If you came in with a backpack, please take it off your shoulders and hold it in your hand so as not to accidentally touch the museum exhibits.
  • You can leave vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, compact strollers for children, etc., on the Museum’s premises. The only exception is a wheelchair.
  • Entering the Museum’s premises with animals is only allowed on the condition of following the rules of stay (cleaning after the animal, wearing muzzles, complete control over the animal). It is forbidden to enter the memorial villa or the exhibition halls with animals.
  • Don’t block in any way the entrance door or hallways, to obstruct the free movement of other visitors or tour groups.
  • Don’t place any announcements or advertising materials, to perform any polls or distribute any goods, to organize any public events or performances without prior discussion with the Museum administration.
  • During the tour, be kind to switch your phone to silent or vibration mode. Phone calls may distract the guide from the story. If you need to answer the phone call, we advise you to leave the exposition hall and return on finishing the call.
  • Please follow the instructions provided by the researcher or the custodian.
  • If you have a sightseeing ticket, in case of a tour coming to the room you are currently in, the custodian has the right to ask you to move to a different room, where there is no tour now. ou may return to the previous room after the tour moves to another hall. On your wish, you may join the tour (on the condition that the group does not exceed 30 people), paying additional fees for the guide service.
  • Tell your friends about us. Please leave your feedbacks and recommendations on Facebook, Google, tag us on the Instagram photos and set our geolocation. We like to follow all the publications related to the museum, and gladly publish our mostly likely photos on our webpages.

Other rules and recommendations


Children up to 12 years old must visit the museum accompanied by adults. Children groups’ heads are responsible for following the safety rules at the Museum.


Please make sure to make a tour reservation for your group. A group of visitors may consist of up to 30 people.

Educational events in the museum

An exceptional right to hold tours on the territory of Lviv National Literary and Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko belongs to the Museum’s staff researchers.

Please kindly send your ideas on the events organization for the administration review via email:

The Museum’s team is always ready for a constructive dialogue and would gladly speak with you about your impressions or ideas on positive changes in the Franko House both face to face and on our social media pages. Your thoughts are important to us! Your thoughts are important to us!

We value your understanding!

at the meeting of the scholarly and methodological council (Protocol number 4 for 07.04.2023)
Municipal Establishment of Lviv Regional Council “Lviv National Literary and Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko”