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We bring to the attention of a wide range of readers an original guide, the main character-traveler and guide in which is… Ivan Franko!

The book is rich in little-known facts from the creative and tourist experience of the famous Ukrainian writer, which brightly reveal interesting aspects of his personality as a traveler, local historian, athlete, tourism organizer and author of “traveling” texts, classic of “the literature tourism” (the travel literature).

The publication offers 5 tourist routes “in the footsteps” of Ivan Franko: four of them around the territory of Ukraine (Lviv, Boikivshchyna, Hutsulshchyna) and an international one (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy…).

The guide is addressed not only to specialists in the field of Franko studies, museums and tourism, but also to all admirers of travel and healthy lifestyle.

Guide. Idea, alignment, introductory word: B. Tykholoz; texts: I. Medvid (content editor, rewriter) and others; design: V. Martyniuk; Lviv National Literary Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko; with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. Lviv [Lviv National Literary and Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko], 2021. 224 p. (Series “Franko House Library”. Issue 11). (In Ukrainian).

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