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Mother and daughter. Untold story.

Full of emotions, the story of complicated and sometimes dramatic, but always light and warm relations between the mother, Olha Franko (née Khoruzhynska) and the youngest in the family, Anna Franko, will move you deeply.

The tour is based upon the memoir and correspondence between Anna and Olha Franko. Visitors will feel the whole spectrum of emotions together with the heroines: from sincere and limitless love to the lack of understanding and alienation, while the lace of Ukrainian folk songs will fill the whole scene with emotional colours.

How did the mother-daughter relations evolve throughout their life? Why did everything happen in the way it did? Observing frank and emotional dialogues between the women, you will be able to find the answers to these and other questions. You will definitily not stay indifferent to this moving and in its own way dramatic story.

P.S. If you are emotional, we recommend you coming with a handkerchief!

Duration: 1 hour
Age: 12+ years
Price: 100 UAH per person (5 people or more)